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We are a family-owned and operated business founded in 1992 by Ray Bell.

Unlimited is the word to describe the drive that Ray has for cars. Ray Bell started working on cars back in the '80s as a hobby. Ray was fascinated by them and always wanted to know more. His passion quickly grew as he endlessly looked to satiate his desire to learn about automobiles.


Fuel is required to keep your passion, the fire within your soul going. Ray's interest over automobiles grew exponentially as the more carburetors he tore apart - the more he wanted to fix them. After he took apart his father's car 100 times, he looked at the family lawnmower. He stripped that down 15 times over just to repair it and try to learn something new each time. He took apart every gas-powered system that his family had. He looked toward his neighbors and offered his talents to them free of charge. He always wanted to learn 1 more thing before he felt it was right to charge for his service.

Systems are located within each car. Once tunned correctly, they bring the car to life. Ray realized this and studied how each unique wire is soldered, bolts are drilled, and tubes affixed to the engine. After countless hours and successful repairs on his neighbors' cars, Ray became confident his skills were rare. This lead to the beginning of Ray's future and his legacy: Unlimited Fuel Systems.

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